LWE Podcast 45: Stacey Pullen, 8.3.2010

LWE Podcast 45: Stacey Pullen




01. Layo & Bushwacka, “The Longest Day” [Olmeto Records]
02. Pirahnahead, “Self Con-Science (Opus 72- #37)” [Third Ear Recordings]
03. Guido Schneider & Jens Bond, “Eijeijei” [Highgrade Records]
04. Jamie Anderson t. K-Alexi, “Cyclone” [Mija Recordings]
05. Alessio Mereu & Andrea Ferlin, “Walking On The Forest Path” [Contexterrior]
06. Autotune, “Dirty” [Fumakilla]
07. Seth Troxler & Matthew Dear, “Hurt” (Martinez Dark Soul remix)
[Spectral Sound]
08. Stacey Pullen, “Alive” (Hi Tek Soul mix) [Black Flag Recordings]

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